Seminars and Training, Auditing, Billing

Office Personnel

Maximize the profitability of your practice and improve the performance of your office.


Seminars and Training


We offer seminars and training on important issues linked to improve reimbursement.

Physician's Knowledge in Coding and Documentation

Physician's workshops are available to improve coding and make documentation accurate and simple. Seminars include billing protocols, compliance with regulations, documentation guidelines and audit trails.


Documents Review

The XXI century physician can no longer dedicate solely to the practice of medicine. We can help you find out where your practice stands.

Every year practices adjust thousands of dollars for improperly denied benefits, unauthorized reductions or payments below contracted allowances. We review your explanation of benefits, procedures, and diagnoses coding for additional compensation.

Contact us today for a free performance analysis of your practice.


Office Staff

As your all-inclusive billing provider we take care of your revenue cycle management. Our certified professional coders will post the charges and submit claims electronically to insurances for faster turnaround time. We will file claims to secondary and tertiary insurances and follow up on any unresolved dates of services. We will appeal on your behalf any denied claims from the insurance companies.

Our fees are competitive and are based on payments received from the insurances. We do the work efficiently and do not get paid until you get paid.

We can utilize our practice management software or we can yours. We have experience in 15+ specialties in multiple states.